Tue | 5:45pm-7:00pm

Sun | 3:00pm-4:30pm



Yin classes are great for beginners and experienced yogi’s who would like to work on stretching and safely stressing the deeper tissues in the body through long, passive holds, and at the same time –  build peace, clarity and freedom within. A simple, spacious and safe practice for every BODY that will help you to slow down, tune in, and let go.




You will be invited to slowly and mindfully enter a Yin pose (shape with the body) using the breath to stimulate the flow of chi, otherwise know as energy or life force (Pranayama).

Poses, usually floor-based are be held for 2-5 minutes. The use of props and blankets is encouraged to help you remain still, reduce any muscular effort and allow gravity to take hold.




While remaining focused on the sensations promoted by the pose, you will provide deep nourishment to the Yin tissues – the connective tissue (fascia), joints and ligaments – that can’t be accessed in any other form of movement, and can have a deep and profound affect on releasing tension from the body, and mind.

Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and anatomical maps of the myo-fascia meridians, these deeper, longer Yin poses will help to release blockages in the meridians, similar to a long acupuncture session.




Yin Yoga classes with Simone and Si will also offer breath work, meditation, self-enquiry and hand-picked tools, ancient wisdom, philosophy and mindfulness pulled from the East to harmonise the breath, body and mind.

Healing sounds will also assist guide you on a journey back to your centre. These classes are medicine for anyone who is feeling over-worked and stressed from the pace of our modern world.

Gather in this safe space to discover a new-found sense of peace, clarity and freedom within.


“Yin Yoga with its long, slow stretches gives the chance for the muscles to calm down and then the fascia to stretch and release – this can facilitate the kind of re-patterning that leads to lasting release of chronic holdings, and in many cases, a profound change of mind and body.”

– Thomas Myers, Fasica Expert and Author