VINYASA fundamentals

VINYASA fundamentals
w Simone
Marian (Assisting)

Friday | 10:15am-11:15am
4-week course from:
3 Aug | 26 Oct


A four-week beginners course with Simone and assisting from Marian.  Its perfect for anyone new to yoga or those that would like a refresher to boost confidence or find the correct alignment of poses.

We’ll break down our core vinyasa sequence with easy-to-apply tools and techniques, building up to a full vinyasa flow by week four.

You get two certified teachers providing hands on assisting to help you find poses safely and progress faster without injury or damage – something you can’t get from online classes and hugely helpful for beginners.

  • Learn the basics in a supportive environment
  • Discover modifications of poses to suit your body and level
  • Alignment focus to ensure you stay safe, strong and build balance
  • Learn the importance of breath and how it supports your practice
  • Understand yogic roots as we touch on philosophy, traditional teachings and Sanskrit
  • Learn the basics of meditation and find your inner calm with yoga nidra, guided meditations and affirmations
  • BONUS: Each week learn two Ayurvedic wellness habits to help you feel younger, increase energy and be full of joy
  • Option to request this course (or a version of it) privately – you gather the friends or loved ones and talk to us about a suitable day/time – $POA.

Please note, you do not have to complete this course if you are new to yoga.  You are still welcome to drop in to any of our other scheduled classes as a first timer.

Spaces are limited and do fill up quickly – book ahead to secure your spot in our next beginners course starting 3 August 2018.

“I just wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed your VINYASA fundamentals beginners course. It’s been a great introduction to the practice of yoga and I can’t wait for more. It’s a pretty good workout as well as awesome at de-stressing the mind. Anyone with a hectic schedule should take the time to practice yoga, it gives you more time back!” – Geoff Davies