w Simone

60 min

PLEASE NOTE: This class is no longer offered on the schedule. Instead, check out Yin Yoga, also a nourishing, gentle practice to nurture your mind and body.

Journey into stillness with a practice to heal, restore and rejuvenate


A special Wednesday evening class to help you let go of effort, de-stress and allow for optimal wellness.

This is a very therapeutic practice that promotes deep relaxation with the aid of props, as well as guided meditation, breath work and visualisations.

In this practice the lights are dimmed, the room is warm and layers and socks are encouraged. You’ll practice super gentle movement (mainly all floor based) to discover space and stillness in the body and mind.

Yoga props will help you to find comfort, ease and opening.  Repair wear and tear, balance your mood and blood chemistry. Restorative Yoga is known to improve your body’s capacity for healing and balance.

Each 60 minute class will allow you to turn inward to provide a deeply nourishing release for anyone, new to yoga or not – including those nursing injuries and anyone pregnant. This is the most restful class on our schedule.

Each week expect:

  • Therapuetic breathing practices to elicit the parasympathic nervous system, rest and digest
  • Deeply restorative poses to facilitate relaxation and health
  • Alignment assistance, variations to poses and simple prop set up (bolsters, blankets and blocks) for release and healing
  • Centering closing and deeply nourishing Savasana
  • Calming guided meditations to notice and release tension – including Yoga Nidra at times
  • Season-specific Ayurveda (sister science of yoga) wisdom and tips to apply to your life

“The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind” – Caroline Myss

This class runs immediately after Vinyasa Flow 5:30-6:30pm, giving you the option of two classes back-to-back on this evening – while not a must, Vinyasa Flow will help warm and open the muscles, allowing for a deeper restorative practice.

Please enter quietly and wait in the reception area for Vinyasa Flow class to finish, before entering the studio to set up and settle in.