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Minimum 45 minutes


Individual sessions

Private lessons can bring about improvements to your mental and physical health and help achieve personal yoga goals. Working with a yoga teacher one-on-one can truly deepen your practice and make positive shifts in your wellbeing.

Instead of following along with the yoga instructor in a class setting, a private lesson allows you to set specific and personal goals. Whether you are new to yoga, dealing with an injury or physical limitation, lacking in confidence, or just wanting to work on take your practice deeper, private yoga lessons are designed specifically for you and your needs. 

Simone can work on whatever you need most — whether that’s flexibility, stress relief, pose alignment, balance, meditation, muscle strength, back pain or hip pain, for example.

Simone can customise a session that focuses on relaxing and lengthening the muscles in those trouble areas. And tailor the poses for your body specifically, keeping an eye on any misalignments that could be cause for concern. If you have pre-existing medical conditions (anything from osteoporosis to sciatica to arthritis) then we can discuss which poses to avoid, as well as poses that will help alleviate your symptoms. 

To help you reach your potential and live optimally, one-to-one sessions pull from our yoga ‘toolkit’ of poses (asanas) breath work (pranayama), meditation and yoga nidra (stillness and deep relaxation), mantras (affirmations) and Ayurveda (sister science of yoga).

A one-to-one session is ideal if:

  • You want to learn yoga at a pace that suits you
  • Progress your practice faster or slower
  • Find asana (pose) alignment and modifications perfect for your level, stage or pain/weakness
  • Gain confidence without distractions
  • Heal your body and calm your mind
  • Have specific goals or needs you want addressed
  • Can’t find a class schedule time that suits and want to practice at your own convenience
  • Would like to practice in the comfort of your own home or at our studio on your own
  • You have questions and want the focused attention, energy and expertise of your teacher 
  • Want to tap into the deeper healing wisdom of yoga for optimal living

Group yoga

Group yoga sessions are also something we love to help with! Introducing your people/students to a yoga practice will extend far beyond the physical benefits of a strong, open body to include mental clarity, self acceptance, mindfulness, creativity, wellbeing and happiness (and that’s just to name a few).

We have shared the yoga love across many groups in our Whanganui – at early childhood, primary and secondary schools to sports teams, community groups, workplaces and even hen’s and birthday parties.

We can do one-off sessions to introduce your group to yoga, or design a regular practice to help your people really tap into the transformative, healing powers of yoga and meditation.

At your place or ours.

“Thank you so much for sharing your light, love and passion for yoga with nga tamariki Simone. Your kind, gentle and fun loving personality make you the perfect person to brighten up our day.”
– Fiona Penn, Head Teacher, Whanganui Montessori Pre-School