Perfect for those that want to build all-over body strength, find more mobility and bring balance back to an over OR under-worked body and mind.


A deeply therapeutic class with mostly floor-based asanas (poses), ideal for anyone that wants some time to chill out, tune in and find opening in mind and body.


Focused on the basics this class will provide the time, support and space to discover postural alignment, steadiness and awareness to encourage healthy ageing, joyful living and a positive state of mind.

VINYASA fundamentals

A four-week beginners course ideal for anyone new to yoga or those that would like a refresher to boost confidence. We’ll break down our core vinyasa sequence with easy-to-apply tools and techniques, building up to a full vinyasa flow by week four.


Private and group yoga sessions, ideal to meet your specific needs or goals. Tickle My Feet Yoga crew can been seen sharing yoga body and mind benefits across Whanganui – at childhood centres, primary and secondary schools, with sports teams and community groups. We can come to you or you to us.

Little & Big

A unique opportunity to join yoga and mindfulness classes and learn key tools and techniques to help you and your child tap into their inner-calm and cope with life’s stressors.