At Tickle My Feet Yoga you can expect welcoming, uplifting yoga classes and session – and to discover more than just touching your toes!

We offer the Whanganui community a range of yoga styles including Vinyasa Flow (Hatha-based), Yin, Restorative and Kids. As scheduled classes from our city studio as well as private one-to-one and group sessions.

Tickle My Feet Yoga was founded by Simone in early 2017, although she has to give credit to her then four-year-old daughter for coming up with our name (Tickle My Feet Yoga) that seemed to embody what we are all about – joy, lightness of being and connection.

What is Vinyasa Flow Yoga?

Vinyasa flow is a style of yoga that is based on flowing from one pose to the next – and connecting movement with breath. It’s a popular, modern form of yoga, especially in the USA and Australia and growing in NZ. It works as much on building all over body strength as it does flexibility and is ideal for out-of-sync bodies.  Each vinyasa class sequence at Tickle My Feet Yoga has been carefully designed to awaken the power within – you will notice the difference even after your first class. Each class includes either a pre or post guided meditation that fits with the class theme – to aid in your post-yoga class bliss.

What is Yin Yoga?

Yin in a passive yoga practice that’s mostly floor-based. It is deeply therapeutic and renowned for releasing stress and tension in the body, calming the mind and renewing the spirit. Asanas (poses) are held for longer periods of time to work on releasing the connective tissue and opening the meridian lines throughout the body – together with pranayama (breath) yin yoga helps regulate energy flow, lubricate joints and increase mobility. Expect to find more ease and space in your body and mind, both on and off the mat.

Who is Yoga for?

We believe everybody has a yoga body and should practice it to be living their best life. Touching our toes is not what yoga is about and instead what we learn on the way down about ourselves and the world around us. Classes are open level 1 and suitable for beginners as well as challenging enough for those with yoga experience. Modifications and alignment cues are offered to help you stay safe, progress and mostly importantly enjoy your practice. If you have an injury please seek medical advice from your doctor or specialist first.

Is there any traditional philosophy offered?

Yes! Most classes are themed with a specific theme, pulling from the ancient yoga teachings and philosophy. It’s sure to help get more out of your practice as well as life off the mat. Oh and you may even enjoy learning a bit of ancient yogic language – Sanskrit.

How will I feel after my practice?

You will without a doubt, feel a greater sense of calm and clarity immediately following class.  And science has proven that your body begins to improve are tap into a sense of balance, even after your first class.  With more practice you will feel stronger, more flexible and balanced, have more energy, sleep better and feel more alive .  There are too many more benefits to both the body and mind to list here – come and experience it for yourself.

What do I wear?

Something you feel comfy to move in and that won’t fall in your face when bending. We practice in bare feet. Shoes and belongings are left outside the studio, safely stored in the shoe/bits cupboard. No devices allowed in the studio.

Can I eat before class?

Try to avoid practicing on a full stomach. Its different for everyone, but the general rule of thumb is to stop eating approx. one hour before class.

What will the room temperature be like?

The room will be a moderate temperature with a heat pump to keep us cool in summer and in the winter we turn up the heat to ensure you are toasty and warm and can move more easily into poses and release connective tissue and blocked meridian lines. Bring a towel if you think you need to wipe your brow.

How early should I arrive?

Try to arrive five to 10 minutes before class starts to greet your teacher and check in. Don’t forget to let your teacher know if you have any pain or health issues on the day, and if you are new also let your teacher know about any concerns so she can help make your practice safe and accessible. The downstairs studio door opens 15 minutes before each class. Please note the entrance door on the ground floor is locked at class starting time.  Please respect fellow yogis by settling quietly on your mat in the studio room.

Can you advise on parking?

Yes. You can park in front of the studio on Drews Ave, but only outside the hours of 8:00am-6:00pm, Monday to Friday – there is signage placed to remind you.  Alternatively, there is free 120 minute parking at the river end of Ridgeway Street, just a hop, skip and jump across the road.

Is there somewhere to change?

Yes. There is a bathroom and toilet (sorry no shower – yet!) that you can use.

Do you cater to children?

Currently classes are R13 but a mature 11-12 year-old is also welcome to try out a class.  We do offer in-school kids yoga and mindfulness classes and are available upon request for private classes and/or workshops.

How do I purchase a class pass?

You can buy a class pass by paying in cash at class or via direct debit before. See our Rates page for more.

Are you open all year round?

Tickle My Feet Yoga sometimes closes for wee R&R top-up’s as well as for ongoing training and development. Please stay tuned on our Facebook Group for when.